24 May 2016

Tripogy is your smart travel companion

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Download Tripogy  App on your smartphone or tablet.

Discover amazing places, restaurants and the most important attractions.

Tripogy also works offline so you can always take it with you.





Tripogy offers:

▪ The possibility to view your maps and your itineraries offline.

▪ A list of all the attractions in the selected area according to your preferences, such us Museums, Beaches, Sightseeing, Restaurants, Bars, Cooking Schools, Nature and Hiking Trails, etc…

▪ Suggestions on what to visit depending on daily weather conditions.

▪ The possibility to set a daily budget based on your needs.

▪ A list of the best restaurants and bars to eat along your route and which allows you to stick to your daily budget.

▪ Reviews and rating from users who have already visited your selected attractions, bars and restaurants.

▪ The opportunity to book a private tour directly on the App.

▪ Time and distance estimates for the route.

▪ Information on the average time spent at each attraction.